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A blank canvas can be a nightmare for many artists. The torture of unlimited possibilities limited by your capabilities can be paralyzing. With the right collaborators, these creative endeavours become a lot easier. Lonely Artists Productions is a film production company that aims to assist artists in completing their dream projects. We focus on stories that are personal to the artists. Based out of Vancouver, BC, the company strives to connect these storytellers with the extraordinary talent from the Vancouver film industry to create unique projects that resonate with audiences.​



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Andy Wong is an Asian-Canadian film maker from Vancouver who has a passion for telling complicated stories with heart. His influences began with films such as Good Will Hunting (1999), Mean Creek (2004), and Spider Man 2 (2004). These movies, and more, inspired him to make independent films to express himself.

He went to Simon Fraser University to study the craft of filmmaking where he directed a total of 6 shorts. His dedicated experience in school expedited his career in the Vancouver film industry as he began working in various departments before finding his grounding as an assistant director.

He continued producing, and directing short projects with friends, ultimately started a production company by the name Lonely Artists Production. His goal was to gain experience producing and directing short films to build a strong network of collaborators who he still works with. His projects have gone on to win awards at film festivals such as Holly Shorts, Vancouver Asian Film Festival, and FlickerFest.

He aspires to connect the BIPOC community who are passionate at telling stories, hoping to be a part of the changing climate in Hollywood.

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